Key Features

Fast Line-By-Line Solver

RADIS uses a new algorithm that resolves millions of lines within seconds on CPU, and can be GPU-accelerated for almost-instant-computation.

Post-Process Analysis

Line survey, instrument function, rescale, crop…. Combine spectra to create mixtures or calculate line-of-sight integrations. Compare with experiments or other codes (Specair), let Radis handle units.

Get started immediately

One-line install, one-line calculation: work in Python & Matlab, on any OS, with the power of all the Python scientific environment (Numpy, Scipy, Anaconda etc.).

Use Any Line Database

HITRAN, HITEMP, GEISA and ExoMol support out-of-the-box (auto-download). RADIS-Lab also comes with a preconfigured HITEMP database.


Connect a local folder of precomputed spectra, to retrieve/add new ones automatically. Or use the same SpecDatabase to manage your experimental spectra based on their metadata.

Open Source

All the source code is LGPLv3 licensed and available on GitHub, and automatically validated on each change. Join our contributors.

Where to Connect